James Family Farm

Website: www.jamesfamilyfarm.wordpress.com

USDA Certified Organic

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Website: www.jamesfamilyfarm.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/jamesfamilyfarm
Certified Organic
1166 S. Walkers Mill Rd. Griffin, Ga. 30224

I grow heirloom tomatoes as well as vine ripend, red tomatoes, 5 colors of bell peppers, 21 types of hot peppers, 8 types of eggplant, 8 different types of squash including one I crossbred myself, a yellow straightneck zucchini. I also grow leaf lettuce arugula, radishes, kale, collards, turnips,and mustard greens. I also have a certified kitchen with 40 + recipes we produce all season with all of our home-grown veggie’s, like our famous hot and mild chow-chow, and apple butter. That also includes 24 flavors of home-made blue-ribbon winning jams and jellies. We won 31 ribbons at the Spalding county fair in 2010 21 blue, 8 red, 2 white, and Grand Champion ribbon for our veggie’s. Our canned foods are all that is available right now, Hot & Mild Chow-chow, Hot Pickled Okra, Sour Kraut, Stewed Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes are in pint jars. Our jellies are 1/2 Pint Size and are Peach Preserves, Pear Preserves, Apple Preserves, Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Blackberry Jelly and Preserves, Muscadine Jelly, Scuppernong Jelly, Red Muscadine Jelly, Red Pepper Jelly, Inferno Pepper Jelly, Jalapino Pepper Jelly, Ceyanne Pepper Jelly, fools Gold Habenero Pepper Jelly, Red Carabean Pepper Jelly, 5 Habanaro Pepper Jelly, Brown Habanaro Jelly, Strawberry Jalapino Jelly, Pineapple Jalapino Preserves and Hot Peach Habanaro. I also have Orange Marmalade I made with Red Navel Oranges.

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